USA | The Rancher | Protectors of the Planet Film Series

Deep in the heart of Texas Ranchland, we meet Tommy Sonnen, a multi generation cattle rancher and Renee, who moved from Houston, Texas to become the archetypal rancher’s wife…with a difference.

Tommy, complete with his Great Grandfather’s original spurs and branding iron was desperate for Renee to get involved with the ranch and suggested she look after two calves, one of whom was called Rowdy Girl.

It was a turning point. It certainly did the trick in engaging Renee but she fell in love with the calves and began to question what they were doing. After six years, her moral dilemma instigated an ultimatum.

According to Renee, ‘Mother Earth is crying and we’ve got to change things’. Renee’s life aim is to save the animals and save the planet; ‘This is not about me, it’s about the planet’.

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