Green and Healthy Movement

The Green and Healthy Movement project was initiated by Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation in 2015, it aims to help people to develop care and love for nature and desire for healthy living.

Four activities supporting the Green and Healthy Movement:
Green and Healthy Monday - Choose plant-based meals 1 day a week for a greener world and better health. The Green and Healthy Monday is Kampung Senang’s national campaign and outreach programme to transform eating habits and lifestyles in Singapore.

Green and Healthy Senior - In conjunction with REAL Programme of Kampung Senang for seniors. REAL – Relaxing Exercise, Emotional Release, Active Volunteering, Lifelong Learning.

Green and Healthy Festival - The largest single outreach event in Kampung Senang, aims to create mass awareness that Green and Healthy Living can boost disease prevention and sustainability.

Green and Healthy Movement Ambassador - supported by over 50 organisations / groups, and it keeps growing. Our Ambassadors come from food retailers / hotel / schools & tertiary institutions / non-profit organisations.