Celebrate World Meat Free Week with BOSH!

We interviewed Ian and Henry from BOSH! to find out about their journey in turning vegan and the benefits of eating no meat.

Tell me a bit about your lifestyle and upbringing in relation to food. I: We grew up in Sheffield on traditional homemade meals, usually meat and veg. There wasn’t a lot of information on veganism and vegetarianism growing up, so when we turned vegan we pretty much had to relearn how to cook. Our recipes take a lot of inspiration from food that we enjoyed when we ate meat and dairy, so you’ll find lots of hearty meals in our book and on our channels. BOSH! is all about good quality, homemade plant-based food that is quick and easy to make.

When did you go vegan and why? H: We both became vegan about three years ago, but for different reasons. Ian gave up alcohol as part of his new year’s resolution and a few weeks in he decided to up the ante and trialed vegetarianism. After some research, Ian was then the first of us to go vegan – which I wasn’t very happy about at the time! A personal mission in my life is how I can make an impact on combatting climate change, so when I watched Kip Andersen’s documentary Cowspiracy with Ian one evening, I pretty much went vegan overnight.

What is your approach to food now? I: We just want to make banging food that everyone can enjoy, whether you’re vegan or not. We love to take classic dishes and remix them – like our Mezze Cake – which is a Turkish Mezze Platter in cake form! We also can't wait to try some of your World Meat Free Week recipes!

What has been the best thing for you personally about being plant based? H: I used to suffer with really bad hayfever, but ever since going vegan I haven’t had any issues at all! There are loads of great health benefits, we noticed our hair got thicker, we lost weight (in a good way) and found we slept better and would wake up fresher in the mornings.

Try just one meal #WorldMeatFreeWeek

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