5 Steps to Reducing Meat

According to the WWF’s report, ‘Appetite for Destruction’, published towards the end of 2017, 60% of global biodiversity is lost as a result of the food that we eat, and the buck stops with meat and dairy.

If global consumption of meat and dairy was reduced to meet nutritional requirements – 45-55g of protein per day – an area 1.5 times the size of the European Union would be saved, which would also mean that more land could be allocated to growing food directly for human consumption as opposed to animal consumption.

Here are 5 tips to help you reduce your meat intake:

Cut out meat one day per week: It will be better for the health of you, your family and the environment. Check out the meat free recipe ideas here: www.worldmeatfreeweek.com/recipes

Cut out processed meats: Yes, bacon has to go… or at least be reduced. Back in 2015, the World Health Organisation declared that foods like bacon, sausage and ham cause cancer and urged consumers to cut down.

Try meat replacements: There are many alternatives to meat from Fishless Fingers and Crispy Nuggets by Quorn to Beyond Meat’s plant based burger and Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Sausage Rolls to name a few.

Sign up to a vegetable box delivery service: Usually, the vegetables are organic - free from nasty pesticides - and you get what’s in season which opens up a whole new glorious world of tastes, creativity and meals.

Build meals around vegetables: A bit of a mind-set change but something that can encourage creativity in the kitchen. The variety of tastes and textures combined with the seasons make for a never-ending supply of deliciously healthy ingredients. Check out our recipes here for some meat free meal inspiration.

Try just one meal #WorldMeatFreeWeek

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